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Do you dream of building a sustainable business? Do you want a brand that is respected in the industry and brings a steady stream of dream clients knocking down your door? Are you struggling with film or getting that film look for your digital photos?

I feel that it is my life’s mission to give to others. I believe in the pursuit of a quality of life that brings fulfillment and joy. And it is my passion and purpose to share how to make this a reality for others following their dreams.

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“Jacqueline has been an amazing connection for me to have, having just begun my film photography journey. I came across her work searching for possible film workshops and I’m so thankful I did. We had an initial 1 hour Skype session to lay a framework for me in my first few months of learning and implementing film into my business, not only did she take time to thoroughly answer all of my questions but she also made sure to forward me the entire slideshow of information so I can easily refer back. She provided me with some key and constructive feedback on how to better present my website and work so to appeal to the client + market I am aiming to reach. I love how personalized she made our session. Jaqueline took the time to look at my portfolio and recommend specific film types and film presets (for digital work) that best match my style of shooting. She has even taken time after our Skype session to send me links to styled shoots in my area to help further build my portfolio and other film photographers in my city to connect with. She goes above and beyond and really makes your experience one that is tailored to your needs!"



"Honestly, I went in expecting a lot and this workshop provided even more than that. I liked how professional it all was. More importantly, Jackie, you are just a wealth of knowledge and genuinity (this is probably not even a word, but you know what I mean). You are also very patient and willing to be flexible, so I highly appreciated that. You didn’t make me feel dumb for asking questions and you are just so down to earth. My only regret is that it ended so soon because it was so beautifully crafted by an absolutely professional. Thank you so much for everything and I wish you best!"



“I had worked with other photographers in the past and been mentored by a couple of them, but being mentored by Jackie was a really awesome experience that I plan to take another 1-hr Skype mentoring session with her soon! ... She’s logical, detail-oriented on sharing tips and tricks, and provided additional materials that I didn’t think of when I filled out the questionnaire prior to the session...A big thank you to Jackie! You’ve cleared up quite a bit of misconceptions that I have about this business and what it takes to be a darn good wedding photographer!"



"I love Jackie's work and think highly of her style, skill, and quality she provides her Clients. I had a list of questions I wanted to ask her. First of all, it was so easy to talk with Jackie! She answered all my questions with genuine and honest answers that were not only helpful, but very informative! I can't wait to put them into practice in my business. I would highly recommend her mentorships for seasoned film photographers who want to bounce ideas or even a new up and coming film photographer who needs help with the basics. Thank you again Jackie!"


mentor sessions

We are currently offering select spots for 1:1 mentor sessions. These are strictly tailored to you and your needs and can cover a wide range of topics including:

- Photography basics and finding your light
film photography.
- Digital and film hybrid editing.
- Posing and directing
- Branding and curating
- Marketing and social media
- Getting published
1.5 hour Skype call or in-person meet up
3 hour photoshoot with a 1 hour post-shoot debrief
Both include a portfolio review and open Q&A. Sessions can be customized to fit your needs, skills, and interests.

Get the personal attention you deserve with 4 months of coaching. This includes 6 Skype/In-person Strategy Sessions, unlimited email support, resources, templates, exercises. Headshot session with me, and a branded portfolio building editorial shoot. It’s like having your own extended private workshop!

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Love the look of film and want to learn to edit your digital photos? Paralyzed by all the digital presets out there? We did a side by side comparison of the hottest film presets on the market.