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Best European-Inspired Wedding Venues in Southern California


March 1, 2024


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In the heart of Southern California, where the warm breeze whispers through vineyards and historic estates, a collection of European-inspired wedding venues awaits, each offering a unique blend of romance, nostalgia, and personal charm. Let’s take a trip through the best European-inspired wedding venues right here in the US’s Golden State. We’ll explore the stunning sights of Sunstone Villa, Cal a Vie Spa, Greystone Mansion, Cielo Farms, Villa Del Sol D’Oro, Rancho Valencia, and private residence Bastide de Bonheur.

Sunstone Villa:  Romantic Charm of Southern France

Nestled in the picturesque hills, Sunstone Villa captures the essence of a European escape. As you stroll through the vineyards, the sun-kissed landscape mirrors the rolling hills of France and Italy. The ambiance here is not just a venue; it’s a love affair with the charm and warmth of Mediterranean allure, complete with imported and authentic reclaimed materials from villages of Southern France. Located overlooking the gorgeous Santa Ynez mountains, this 55 acre vineyard is more than a venue, it’s an intimate and luxurious experience. The gorgeous suites and stunning landscape are enough to make your celebration unforgettable though they offer exclusive access for your wedding weekend, vineyard tours and wine tastings, and so much more. The venue itself can host up to 300 guests, and is perfect for your Southern California outdoor ceremony. To see more of this enchanting venue, head to my journal entry on Sunstone Villa.

Greystone Mansion: Timeless Glamour

Step into the pages of a European novel at Greystone Mansion, an iconic estate reminiscent of an English manor. The historic charm and lush gardens create a timeless backdrop for a romantic union. Every corner whispers tales of the past, adding a touch of nostalgia to your special day. This gorgeous estate in Beverly Hills is perfect for any kind of celebration, and can accommodate up to 250 guests and offers both a full wedding and reception experience, as well as a ceremony only option. 

Cal-a-Vie Spa: French Elegance in California

Transport yourself to the French countryside at Cal-a-Vie Spa. With its manicured gardens and classic French architecture, this venue exudes an understated elegance that sets the stage for an intimate and romantic celebration. This idyllic retreat is a haven where your love story can blossom in the serenity of Southern California, all while feeling like you’re miles away in Provençal France. This venue, with its many stunning ceremony sites, can host a celebration from 6-150, offers an all inclusive three day property buy out, private and exclusive access of resort amenities, personalized menus by the executive chef and a professional event staff to ensure your day goes off without a hitch. See a real life example of a wedding at Cal-a-Vie Spa on our Journal.

Cielo Farms: Rustic Italian Romance

Cielo Farms transports you to the rustic romance of an Italian villa. With its sprawling vineyards and rustic charm, this venue invites you to celebrate your love in an atmosphere that blends the casual elegance of California with the timeless allure of Tuscany. This stunning estate located in Malibu, California spans over 30 acres and can accommodate up to 200 guests. They offer support for everything you may need when planning your celebration including menu design, rentals, valet service, lighting and event design. This beautiful venue overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains is an incredible option to create memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime as you enter into a new, exciting season of life.

Rancho Valencia: Mediterranean Oasis

Discover the allure of a Mediterranean oasis at Rancho Valencia. This venue seamlessly blends Spanish-inspired architecture with Southern Californian luxury. With its picturesque olive grove and intimate courtyards, Rancho Valencia invites you to create memories that echo the timeless romance of European destinations. This stunning venue offers a myriad of unique touches and experiences for you and your guests, from gorgeous coves and courtyards, to incredible spa treatments. Every luxury you could dream of, including hot air balloons, can be arranged by the premiere wedding specialists. Whether hosting an intimate affair for 10 or a grand celebration for 500, the 45 acres of the Rancho Valencia estate create an elegant and unforgettable backdrop for year-round San Diego weddings.  To see more, be sure to check out this gorgeous wedding at Rancho Valencia.

Villa Del Sol D’oro: Spanish Splendor

Immerse yourself in the allure of Spanish architecture and old-world charm at Villa Del Sol D’oro. The warm terracotta hues and sprawling courtyards create an intimate setting reminiscent of a Spanish hacienda. Here, your love story unfolds against a backdrop that feels like a personal journey through the heart of Europe. This venue in Sierra Madre, California is an unbeatable choice if you desire an infusion of European charm in your Coastal California wedding. Its gorgeous ceremony site lined with cypress trees, spacious courtyard, beautiful garden and one of a kind interior can accommodate all kinds of weddings, and up to 200 guests.

Bastide de Bonheur: Provençal Paradise

If you want a truly unique experience, indulge in the charm of a Provençal paradise at Bastide de Bonheur. With its lavender fields, olive groves, and charming architecture, this venue captures the essence of the French countryside. Bastide de Bonhuer is a private residence, run by Hautefetes, a luxury wedding planner in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. It has been carefully curated to provide a luxurious and homey feel, perfect for your intimate wedding celebration. Your wedding day will become a celebration of love immersed in the romantic ambiance of Southern France. Check out our journal entry for a look at a real wedding at Bastide de Bonhuer.

As you embark on the journey of planning your wedding, consider these Southern California gems that effortlessly blend European allure with the warmth of Californian hospitality. Each venue becomes a canvas for your love story, a place where sentimental moments, nostalgic whispers, and personal connections intertwine to create a day that is uniquely yours. In the embrace of these European-inspired havens, let your love story unfold against a backdrop that resonates with the timeless romance of the Old World.

I am a San Diego wedding photographer and would love to capture all of the dreamiest Southern California light on your wedding day, it is truly magical!

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