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Best Estate Wedding Venues in Seattle Washington


May 18, 2023


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Choosing the perfect wedding venue is an essential part of planning your dream wedding. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of the Pacific Northwest are some truly breathtaking venues that promise to make your special day even more magical. In this article, we will explore the best estate wedding venues in Seattle, Washington: Fox Hollow Farm, Bloedel Reserve, The Admiral’s House, Lairmont Manor, Thornewood Castle, and Lakewold Gardens. Let’s delve into the enchanting world of the best Seattle wedding venues.

Fox Hollow Farm: An Idyllic Countryside Escape

White manor estate with black shutters on nice garden with hydrangea at Fox Hollow Farm a Landmark Venue in Seattle photographed by Jacqueline Benét Photography

Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by lush green fields and sprawling gardens. Fox Hollow Farm offers a rustic yet elegant setting for couples seeking a charming countryside wedding with a little bit of East Coast flair. Located just a short drive from downtown Seattle, this estate boasts a classic white manor home, sprawling gardens, a majestic barn, and a serene outdoor space perfect for both ceremonies and receptions. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Fox Hollow Farm can accommodate weddings of various sizes, making it a versatile choice for couples in search of a peaceful and scenic venue. From a photography perspective, the positioning of the manor home to the sun is perfect for beautiful backlighting. Keep in mind the sun will set behind the tall hill much earlier leaving a long twilight before evening sets in. To see more from this gorgeous venue, head to my journal on Fox Hollow Farm.

Bloedel Reserve: Architectural Serenity in Nature

If you’re seeking a wedding venue that harmonizes with nature, Bloedel Reserve is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Located on Bainbridge Island, this enchanting garden estate spans 150 acres of meticulously maintained landscapes, tranquil ponds, and lush forests. With its scenic vistas, vibrant flora, and peaceful ambiance, Bloedel Reserve offers a serene setting for exchanging vows amidst the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. This is an exclusive venue that only takes a very select number of weddings each year. So if you are one of the lucky few to wed in front of the most stunning estate, you will not be disappointed at the way this venue marries natural beauty and tranquility with architectural elegance. From a photography perspective, the historic mansion is set amongst very tall green trees. Keep in mind that green surrounding can often block clean light and cause a green cast on skin tones. A film photographer will be able to best find how to counterbalance this color.

The Admiral’s House: Timeless Elegance with Waterfront Views

White historic mansion called The Admiral's House with couple kissing while sitting on lounge furniture at Seattle wedding photographed by Jacqueline Benét Photography

Overlooking the beautiful shores of Elliott Bay, The Admiral’s House is a gem among Seattle’s wedding venues. With its timeless architecture and panoramic views of the water, this historic mansion creates a truly romantic atmosphere. The venue offers indoor and outdoor spaces, including a charming courtyard for your garden ceremony and a stunning front lawn, which can be transformed with or without a tent. From the well-manicured garden to the breathtaking sunsets over the bay, Admiral’s House presents an unforgettable backdrop for your special day. From a photography perspective, the sun sets over the ceremony garden and to the side of the reception space. Space is limited in the surrounding areas so photographing large bridal parties is best done off-site such as at the nearby Discovery Park. See one of our real weddings at The Admiral’s House on our journal.

Lairmont Manor: Grace and Charm in a Historic Estate

Stepping into Lairmont Manor is like entering a bygone era of grace and elegance. The Italianate historic mansion, nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Bellingham, Washington, exudes timeless charm and sophistication. From the beautifully manicured gardens, the pavilion with a beautiful fountain, to the grand ballroom, every corner of this venue exudes elegance. Lairmont Manor offers indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing couples to create their perfect wedding ambiance. With its seamless blend of history and beauty, Lairmont Manor promises an unforgettable wedding experience. From a photography perspective, the mansion is situated perfectly for optimal lighting from all angles throughout the day.

Thornewood Castle: A Fairytale Romance

Brick castle with manicured garden and fountain on a sunny day for a Seattle wedding photographed by Jacqueline Benét Photography

For couples dreaming of a fairytale wedding, Thornewood Castle is the epitome of enchantment. This magnificent castle, nestled on the shores of American Lake, boasts exquisite gardens, ornate architecture, and a rich history that dates back over a century. With its grand ballroom, lush lawns, and private lakefront access, Thornewood Castle offers a romantic and regal setting for a wedding that will leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony or a lavish celebration, this iconic venue will transport you to a world of whimsical romance. From a photography perspective, the lighting is best from the ceremony garden when facing the castle, and you’ll want to enjoy that lakeside view for your reception before heading to the ballroom for dancing. This will make use of all the many backdrops this venue has to offer. To see more, be sure to check out this real wedding at Thornewood Castle.

Lakewold Gardens: Botanical Splendor and Elegance

Immerse yourself in the botanical paradise of Lakewold Gardens, a hidden gem located in Lakewood, just a short drive from Seattle. With its vibrant flowers, serene lakes, and meticulously landscaped gardens, Lakewold Gardens provides a picturesque setting for couples seeking a wedding surrounded by natural beauty. The historic Georgian-style mansion adds an extra touch of elegance, making it a perfect backdrop for indoor celebrations and capturing timeless wedding photos. From a photography perspective, it will depend on the time of day and weather (full sun versus cloudy) that would cause the mansion to be in dappled light. Luckily the gravel in front of the mansion allows a neutral reflector of light, which will create cleaner skin tones than off of grass.

Rainier Chapter House: Classic and Intimate

White brick mansion with green shutters and a white Rolls Royce in front for Seattle wedding photographed by Jacqueline Benét Photography

Nestled in Seattle’s charming Capitol Hill neighborhood, the Rainier Chapter House is a hidden gem that exudes intimacy and classic elegance. This historic venue features a beautifully restored mansion with stunning architectural details and a serene courtyard. With its versatile indoor and outdoor spaces, the Rainier Chapter House can accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations. The venue’s proximity to downtown Seattle also offers convenient access to local attractions and accommodations for your guests. From a photography perspective, the portico in the front of the house offers the best portrait locations on this smaller property. Indoors, it can be quite dark but a skilled photographer will know how to work with the light to pull off a romantic and intimate vibe. Head to my journal post for more of this gorgeous Seattle mansion.

Seattle is home to a diverse array of wedding venues, each with its own unique charm and allure. Whether you envision a rustic countryside affair, a waterfront celebration, a fairytale castle wedding, a historic mansion ceremony, or a nature-inspired gathering, these stunning estate wedding venues in Seattle Washington will undoubtedly provide an amazing backdrop for a captivating and unforgettable wedding experience.

Learn more about our Seattle wedding photography services and tell us about your favorite estate wedding venue.

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